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Thailand with Kids

Welcome to Thailand 🙏

General Info

Basic information to bear in mind from the beginning and prevent slip-ups.

Discover Bangkok

An exuberant city that can be great fun for kids, with only small changes to be made at times. Here we list things you can do in Bangkok with children.

Chiang Mai is nature and more...

In contrast to Bangkok, it's a quiet, cozy city and very attractive for families. Its natural environment is incredible and is a place where you just love to take your kids.

Amazing tropical beaches

Dream coasts and tropical beaches, each with its own specific atmosphere and public. The best beaches for families. The question is... Which one fits your expectations?

The city of the monkeys, Lopburi

They are funny and quite cheeky. While in Bangkok, you can visit them along with the ancient capital of Ayutthaya.

Fun experiences for families

Take advantage of the opportunitie to take action and enjoy with the five senses a unique trip. It's an experience to enrich their childhood.

Is Thailand a holiday destination for families?… glance at this video.


With our bespoke trips, you will enjoy authentic experiences, exploring the environment in a safe way.

Time Zone
  • Bangkok, Thailand

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Meteorology and forecast

* Caption:
Pictogram, temperature (max.), wind speed, UV index, precipitation, precipitation probability.

UV Index reference: from 8 to 11 is very high, which means a strong risk of damage from exposure to the sun with no protection.

Reference on the intensity of the rain: Moderate up to 0.59 in/h and strong from that amount.

Weather Warning

Updated on March 31, 2023
Last report issued: March 29, 2023

Today there is no weather warning.

Read more and Update

Source: Meteorological Department. Ministry of Information and Communication Technology. Thai Government.

Air Quality
78 Moderate
Chiang Mai
258 Very Unhealthy
Chiang Rai
356 Hazardous

Updated on March 31, 2023
Real-time update

Source: The World Air Quality Project
Air Quality Index
00-49 Good
50-99 Moderate
100-149 Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups*
150-199 Unhealthy
200-299 Very Unhealthy
300-500 Hazardous

* Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups: Members of sensitive groups may experience health effects. The general public is not likely to be affected. Active children and adults, and people with respiratory disease, such as asthma, should limit prolonged outdoor exertion.
Information on the whole scale. The World Air Quality Project.

Humidity and muggy weather

In a country with a tropical climate like Thailand, when the relative humidity approaches 80% and there is no wind, keep in mind that you can feel suffocating heat. Then you’ll have difficulty in perspiring and, therefore, in lowering the body temperature by this natural means.

The apparent temperature or thermal sensation will be higher than that indicated by the thermometers.
Children, the elderly and those who suffer from certain pathologies should take special care. Visits and excursions outdoors will be more uncomfortable. You have to hydrate well and take spare clothes.
This is the forecast in Bangkok for the next days: temperature (Celsius), wind speed (meters per seconds) and humidity.

If you are interested in knowing the data accurately, on this website planetcalc there is an apparent temperature calculator. To do it, enter the temperature (Celsius degrees), the wind (meters per second) and the relative humidity of the day that interests you.

Why it happens
Water vapour can be found in the air, although the amount it can contain is limited and varies according to its temperature. The hotter, the more water it can absorb.
In Bangkok there are usually high temperatures, so the air can hold a large amount of water. In fact, that is what happens, due to its tropical climate and being next to the sea it is loaded with a lot of humidity.

When can it be a problem?
The proportion of water that the air contains, with respect to the maximum that it can admit, is measured in percentages. This means that as it approaches the maximum, to 100%, it can already admit very little and consequently it hardly evaporates from our skin. The result is that sweating is no longer effective and the wind chill increases. We lose water and minerals uselessly.
Fortunately, the wind attenuates this effect.

If it coincides that, for example, in your visit to Bangkok the temperature is high (32℃ or 90℉), there is little wind (1 m/s or 2.24 mph) and the relative humidity is also high (80%). Then the wind chill will be 40.2℃ or 104.4℉. The same can happen in other destinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thailand is family-friendly because Thais love kids. The family is an essential pillar in Thai society and children are the greatest wealth. You will feel welcome, comfortable.
Besides, Thailand is a modern country with all the services you may need during the trip and alternatives for different travel styles.
Obviously, you have to keep in mind that this is a tropical country with its own distinct culture.

» The best time goes from November to mid-February.
» Traveling with kids we would only rule out the months of March and April (if possible) due to the strong heat, it is the Thai summer.
» In May the heat continues but the first monsoon rains come.
» From June to October is the wet season, when nature is splendid and the rice paddies are beautiful. It is necessary to adapt the itinerary and the activities, but it is cheaper and also incredible.

It depends on several factors but, in our opinion, northern Thailand is the best place for nature-related activities with kids, as well as to meet the hospitable Thai people and make new friends from a very different culture.
The southern beaches are great for families, both the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. To choose the best one, you must consider the season in which you plan to travel, the available time and the budget, among other things.

Let’s look at three categories:
» Places to visit ‘Thai Style’: some fun temples for kids, several historical sites by bike, parks like Lumpini in Bangkok, the Snake Farm also in Bangkok, the must-see visit to an elephant camp, hot springs and other places.
» Places to visitInternational Style’: Oceanariums and zoos, water parks, a wax museum, children’s parks, etc.
» Active tourism: Cookery courses, swimming, diving, kayaking, parasailing, indoor surfing, biking, hiking, flying in the forest canopy, visiting the hill tribes, etc.

Thailand is a safe country, always in relative terms and with the same necessary precautions as in absolutely all trips abroad. Be careful when handling money and the passports, with the consumption of water and food, when driving a car and in the crowds. Finally, make sure you get good travel insurance and update the weather forecast before starting the trip.

Obviously, it’s a subjective appreciation, but in our opinion, Thailand isn’t an expensive country. To give some references:
There are accommodations for all budgets, even modern hotels well equipped with shared rooms.
For transfers, there are low-cost airlines, the train is quite economic and the bus is cheap. Neither the ferries to the islands are expensive.
The food is very affordable, you can have lunch or dinner from USD 3 or 4 in a food court of a mall or in a street market. Of course, if you feel like a Japanese menu, a carbonara pizza or a dish that comes with fish, then it will increase the price.
Alcohol has a higher price, by withstanding heavy taxes. A can of beer on the Seven11 costs between USD 1.5 and 2.5.
Logically there are remarkable variations according to the season and if the destination is fashionable or there is an important celebration.

Visit the doctor or the Health authority at least 4-6 weeks before the start of the trip so that the vaccines that can be administered to take effect.

To get a first idea, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend:
» For all travellers: Measles vaccine, in addition to the routine vaccines. Make sure that you are up-to-date.
» For most travellers: Hepatitis A and Typhoid.
» For some travellers: Cholera, Hepatitis B, Japanese Encephalitis, Malaria and Rabies.

Besides, as a mandatory vaccine, a Certificate of Vaccination against Yellow Fever will be required if you come to Thailand from some countries of Central/South America or sub-Saharan Africa.

Update the information regarding Covid19.

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