Chiang Mai, nature and more

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What to do in Chiang Mai with kids

Chiang Mai is a meeting place with nature, a destination to move the skeleton. Quiet and cosy, the city is very attractive to families.

Chiang Mai for families, overview

What you need to know about the city and how to get your bearings. Get the right expectation and squeeze the trip.

Sankhampaeng hot springs.
Fun places in the city and outskirts

So you can check them out and decide whether to go or better rule them out.

Awesome natural surroundings

Visiting Chiang Mai and not enjoying its amazing nature would be a pity. Take a look at the options here.

The Night Safari

Darkness is what makes this zoo unique. Maybe it's fun to come with your kids.

The Tiger Kingdom

There is some controversy about this little zoo. We give you the information, you decide whether visiting it or not.

Sankhampaeng Hot Springs, Chiang Mai.
Sankhampaeng Hot Springs

Mix with local visitors to enjoy the hot springs and rest. Half a day may be enough.

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