Fun places in Bangkok

Opening hours: Every day from 08h00 to 18h00. CLOSED!
Check if it remains closed on the link.

It is located north of the Rattanakosin historical district.
Perhaps as a zoo, it can’t be compared to others in the western capitals, but that’s not really important for kids because it’s a fun place with lots of exciting animals and a great day ahead.

In addition, it has many open spaces and offers a range of services for visitors.

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

Opening hours: Daily from 10h00 to 21h00.

Located downtown is the Siam Paragon mall which houses the Ocean World, a magnificent oceanarium that boasts different marine ecosystems with a colourful sample of flora and fauna.
The darkness of the rooms enhances the beauty of the aquarium.

Watching sharks glide by in close quarters is thrilling no matter how many times you’ve seen them before. And don’t miss the penguins – they are the funniest birds to observe!
Everyone will enjoy this place.


Opening hours: Weekdays from 10h00 to 17h00.

A few floors above de oceanarium, still inside the Siam Paragon, is Kidzania, a small city where children have a great time playing at being grown-ups.
The images are of Thai children but, remember, the visit is conducted in English.

Kidzania is designed for children from 4 to 14 years old.

Well-known brand names are involved in the project, such as Meiji, Coca-Cola or the airline company Air Asia.
The pictures speak for themselves and give you a good idea of what your children will think of a place like this, where parents chill out and kids go to work!

Little Something


Little Something puts on cookery courses for children, just like the one we are showing you. But it is not geared only towards children, they will also organise personalised cookery classes for the whole family.

Take this excellent opportunity to learn all about Thai cooking as a family, parents and children together. The school is in the Sukhumvit district and courses are also available in English.

Baiyoke Tower

Opening Hours: Daily from 10h00 to 22h30 (rooftop observatory deck)
Location: Pratunam district.

The tower, located some distance from other tall buildings, offers a spectacular 360º view from its rotating platform.
The top floors have restaurants and leisure facilities for visitors to enjoy.

Without a doubt, this is the best option for children.
Better dinner than lunch and, if possible, the first shifts (17h and 18h30) when the city darkens little by little.

Snake Farm

Exhibition Hours. Monday to Friday 09h30 – 15h30.
Weekend and holidays 09h30 – 13h00

Venom extraction. Monday to Friday 11h00 (except holidays).
Snake Handling and taking photos. Monday to Friday 14h30 (except holidays).
Weekends and holidays. Snake Handling at 11h00.

The snake farm belongs to the Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute that forms part of Thailand’s Red Cross institution.
On the farm, apart from the chance to see hypnotic vipers and cobras you can actually watch as they have venom removed for scientific purposes.

There are lots of interesting facts to be learnt during your visit to the museum and at the show staged in the afternoon.
For example, which of the following would you choose to ease the pain of a snake bite?
A. Aspirin
B. Paracetamol

Lumpini Park

Opening hours: every day from 04h30 to 21h00.

Near to the snake farm, this is one of the city’s most attractive parks and breathing space for such a densely populated area as the financial district of Silom.

Any time of the day is great to spend a few hours here playing and relaxing with your children amongst well-cared for gardens and enjoying the shade on a sunny day.

The park is also home to enormous lizards that feed on fish and turtles that they catch. They don’t tend to bother visitors and their long forked tongues don’t make you want to get too near to them, although watching them from a distance is fun.
One of the most pleasurable activities is taking strolling through the park in the evening.

Museum Siam

Opening hours. Tuesday to Sunday and Holidays 10h00 – 18h00

This museum summarizes its goal in two words: Decoding Thainess, and that is what it is about. It shows all things deeply rooted in Thai life and society. Although everything is classified and sorted, there is no strict academic approach, so it is interesting, curious and fun at many times.
The museum is interactive and the rooms very varied, with games to play with.
English audio-guides are available.

Everyone follows their own pace in the museum, what makes the visit easier for families.
It is located not far from the Grand Palace, so it is easy to include it in the itinerary without wasting much time in the transfer. You can also reach the place with the Subway MRT, Sanam Chai station, exit Siam Museum.

Aksra Theatre

What a pity! This show has been CANCELED

The Thai Puppet Show takes place every day in the restaurant.
These marionettes are fantastic with their gentle rhythmic movements, and it’s also interesting to watch the actors dancing as they handle the puppets.

Map of Bangkok with the locations

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