The Tiger Kingdom

We have to keep in mind that the Tiger Kingdom is a Zoo.
Keeping wild animals in captivity always questions us if, as a society, we are doing things right or not, if the good overcomes the bad.

controversy in which different answers fit.

The Tiger Kingdom, Chiang Mai.
The Tiger Kingdom

It’s bad because these huge cats should be free in their territories and not here.

It’s good because it offers a unique experience of feeling close to these fascinating animals.
In increasingly urban societies there are few opportunities for something like this and it stimulates admiration and respect for them.

The Tiger Kingdom, Chiang Mai.
The Tiger Kingdom

What really kills them is the damage that we make to their territories.

This is a unique attraction where visitors go inside tiger cages accompanied by guides from the centre.
The animals are sorted by age and size: tiger cubs, youngsters and adults, and access inside is for just a short time in small groups.

The Tiger Kingdom, Chiang Mai.
The Tiger Kingdom

It is imperative you read the terms of the visit carefully and observe the rules of behaviour inside the enclosure as we are not talking about small kittens.

Regarding the Tiger Kingdom, we have no news that the tigers are drugged. Anyone who has a cat knows that they spend most of the day sleeping. In any case, if it changeswe will remove this post, as we did with the Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi.

The Tiger Kingdom
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The Tiger Kingdom
A small zoo with only tigers 🐯 where visitors can enter the cages and have the tigers on hand. Is it worth the experience? we show it and you decide.
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Manuel Francisco Jalón

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