What Travel Insurance fits your needs

When we access a vehicle we fasten our seat belts, not because we think we are going to have an accident, if that were the case, obviously we would not even get in. We do it just in case.
With travel insurance the idea is the same.

It is important that:

» Do not take anything for granted, personally and carefully check the conditions and coverages of your policy. Avoid untimely surprises.

» There are many things that can be assured: the trip itself, the luggage, the delays, etc. Evaluate if it is worth the cost of the fee and make your decision.

There are three very important coverages to which you should pay special attention, because if unfortunately they were necessary, then the trip would be the least important.

» The first is repatriation in case of death. The second is repatriation with medicalized transport to your residence in case of illness or accident. Both are usually included in this type of policies. However, check it out!

» The third is the limit of health expenses during the trip. In this one, we are going to stop.

What should be the limit of medical and health expenses?

When we advise a wider audience, we try to warn about the need to pay attention to this matter and take on good travel insurance, but in this case, we do not need to insist more. Being parents, you will be very sensitive about it.

Keep in mind that you must cover your health needs by yourself and that you will not be given any service without first having secured your payment.

There are excellent private hospitals, but they are not cheap. They will not only ask you about your travel insurance, but they will also check the limits of your policy 🧐.

Just saying that in case something goes wrong, it is better not to have any problem with money. It would allow you to focus on the main issue from the beginning.
Therefore, we recommend increasing the limit of healthcare expenses to at least USD 50,000 per person and, if possible, to USD 150,000 or even more.

When would you really miss good coverage?

If you have an accident while travelling or a serious illness, you will want to go home as soon as possible. But what happens if that is not possible because hospitalization is urgent 🤕? For example, due to appendicitis.
There would be no alternative, you would also need an anesthesiologist, surgeon and operating room, and if all goes well, spend a few days in a hospital until you are in a position to be repatriated.

This travel insurance offers, in my opinion, the essential basic coverages, especially in relation to the limit of medical expenses during the trip, which is € 50,000.
As for the price, it is no easy to find another offer so competitive.
IATI Holidays Plus

» Read the policy carefully to be aware of the coverages and their limits, in addition to familiarizing yourself with the procedure in case it was necessary to use the policy.
» Insurance must be taken out before leaving your place of residence.
» If your habitual residence does not match your nationality, warn about it when hiring.

We do not recommend this travel insurance and suggest looking for other alternatives in the following cases:

» If your budget allows you to increase coverage for healthcare expenses, exceeding, if possible, USD 150,000.
» If someone has any previous pathology that could worsen during the trip.
» For reasons of age.

In case you need to make use of your travel insurance it is very important to document the incident: 📞notify the insurer as soon as possible, keep the invoices of the related expenses, emails, health or police reports, etc. Taking it into account from the beginning will prevent unnecessary complications.

What Travel Insurance fits your needs
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What Travel Insurance fits your needs
Information and advice to choose the proper travel insurance, the most important coverages and those that go with your needs, travelling as a family.
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