Where to Stay with Kids? PREMIUM tips

If your stay in Bangkok implies spending a large part of the day visiting the city, it seems a good idea to select a hotel that facilitates the transfers.
Keep in mind that between 12h00 and 16h00 the heat and humidity cause extra exhaustion.
Our tip is to avoid outdoor activities during this period and go back to the hotel to rest.
If possible, book a hotel with a pool.
A portion of the scheduled visits is likely to be in the Rattanakosin Historic District. If so, the most favourable areas are Khaosan Road, Silom and Chinatown.

Another possibility is that the hotel is an important part of the trip and you are going to spend more time enjoying it. If this is the case, we offer you a selection of hotels highly valued by families.

» Khaosan Road
The most popular budget accommodation area in Bangkok is located in the Historic District of Rattanakosin.
In our opinion, this is the selection of the best hotels in Khaosan Road ✅Location ✅Reviews ✅Value for money.

» Siam
The main commercial area in which accommodation is not so abundant, usually luxury hotels. Excellent for those who come to Bangkok for shopping. Our selection of the best hotels in Siam ✅Location ✅Reviews ✅Value for money.

» Sukhumvit
This area is ideal for those who especially want to enjoy the Bangkok night. In addition, the hotels that we have selected have a very good location to move to the rest of the tourist places of the city.
Selection of the best hotels in Sukhumvit ✅Location ✅Reviews ✅Value for money.

» Chinatown
Very interesting for those looking for unique accommodation in a genuinely oriental ambience.
Selection of the best hotels in Chinatown ✅Location ✅Reviews ✅Value for money.

» Silom
The location of Silom and specifically of the chosen accommodation is unbeatable for a first visit to Bangkok. A safe bet.
Selection of the best hotels in Silom ✅Location ✅Reviews ✅Value for money.

» Riverside
Some of the most luxurious and exclusive hotels in the city are located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River.
Selection of the best hotels in Riverside ✅Location ✅Reviews ✅Value for money.

» Hotels to enjoy
Selection of hotels that are worth stopping to enjoy, with very favourable reviews from travelling families ✅ Reviews ✅ Value for money.

Tourist zones in Bangkok map
Tourist areas. Note: The division of districts has been simplified to facilitate traveler orientation

Some more tips:

» If your stay is going to be 2 or 3 days, you have to take into account how you are going to get around the city.
If you are going to move by taxituk-tuk or with a private vehicle, the only recommendation is that the hotel is not far from the tourist areas shown on the map.
In the case of using the collective public transport, moreover, it should be located as close as possible to the MRT subway network or the BTS Skytrain.

» For a one-day visit, bear in mind the departure airport and plan carefully the sites to visit.
Depending on your schedule, the hotel will have to be located either close to the area where you will spend your leisure time (if you arrive in Bangkok at night) or close to the departure airport (if you leave the city early in the morning).

» My personal experience travelling throughout Thailand is that in general 3-star hotels must have a minimum score of 7.5 on booking.com. If you are interested in any accommodation but it does not reach this score, it is worth checking the reviews to know the reason. The 4-star hotels must exceed at least 8.0 score.

Where to lodge in Chiang Mai?

The shaded area is the one we suggest if your intention is to move around the city centre on foot.
If you are going to move with your own vehicle or using public transport, then it does not matter if you are a little further away.

» Our selection of budget accommodations for families in Chiang Mai.
» Selection of 3-4 star hotels for families in Chiang Mai.
» Selection of 5-star hotels for families in Chiang Mai.

Map of Chiang Mai downtown

The best accommodation area in Chiang Rai

The city centre is quite small. If the idea is to walk without renting any vehicle, then it is better to reserve the accommodation within the shaded area.
Keep in mind that the Blue and the White temples or the Black houses are located on the outskirts of Chiang Rai, so you cannot go walking.

Chiang Rai downtown
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where to stay in with kids? PREMIUM tips
The location of the hotel is key, travelling as a family. We offer maps and tips to choose the best area in BANGKOK, CHIANG MAI and CHIANG RAI 👍.
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